Ordering Steroids Online

Anabolic androgenic steroids are used by different people for different reasons. A large majority of people use them under medical supervision during the treatment of health conditions like short stature, primary or secondary hypogonadism, many forms of anemia, acute and chronic wounds, severe burns and protein-calorie malnutrition with associated weight loss. They may also be used for treating Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) wasting syndrome, prolonged catabolic state secondary to long-term use of corticosteroids, certain kinds of breast cancer in some women, failure to gain or maintain normal weight because of unexplained medical reasons. They may also be used to treat hereditary angioedema, which causes swelling of the face, arms, legs, throat, windpipe, bowels, or sexual organs.

Option one is for the customer to request shipping unregistered airmail, the theory here is so as to have your purchase order sent to your address in a bogus name, This is ideal in one way (you are not tied to owning this package) though it does have your address on it.

This option is not recommended simply because it has a reasonable but inconsistent success rate, the reason for this reasonable but inconsistent success rate is that the way that most international customs operations work in regard to filtering incoming mail is a common sense approach IE. If a parcel has no signatory at either end then the owner may have something to hide, so then your parcel has a higher chance of being inspected (opened).

Option two is to request that your order be sent registered airmail, this shipping has outstanding success and in fact (in our strong belief does not incriminate you at any more than unregisted airmail, I know what you may say here, “but it has my name and address on it” and I signed for it!.

OK, it has been a while since I have done this and I somehow I deleted an awesome artical on all the ins and outs of not getting busted. So:
Would some here direct me to some great info on the subject (and or just post it). I’m sure at least a few could benefit (that can read).
Send it to somewhere you have full access and send to someone elses name. People may have their own ideas, but this works for me. Never order anything to large. And I remember you talkin about HGH. Some places will make you sign for the GH. Just a lil fyi.

Order from trusted sources. Buy domestic if possible. If you want to be paranoid write “return to sender” on your package when you get it and leave it on the kitchen table for a week or so. Thats about all there is too it.

Select your source carefully. Not getting scammed is your first priority. Never order any product from someone you don’t know can deliver, or wasn’t recommended to you by someone you know personally who can vouch for him. Not just some board member that says he is good, but a respected person who has more to lose by lying than by being upfront.

Buying steroids online guide. Major tips how to order anabolics safely.


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Buying Steroids guide: things to consider before adding them to shopping cart


This simple checklist allows you to buy steroids easily and without any prescription. No doctor advice is needed cause we believe our customers buy and use anabolics at their own descretion since any of our client has to be older than 18 y.o.


  1. Choose steroids package depending on your prefferences, habbits and experience.
  2. Use vials if you are going to use the same bottle every time and if you are sure about quality and sterility of your needles
  3. Use ampoules if you preffer more sterile options: anabolics in ampoule are used only for one shot with one syrengy and one sterile needles. Any ampoule can not be closed after usage that’s why athletes believe that you have to use all that its filled with
  4. You also have to be sure how much exactly you wish to use with every shot when you decide what package of steroids to buy:


  1. Vials allow you to use lower dosage than 1ml. You fill your syrengy with the quantity of injection that you need. This is a popular option among women bodybuilders cause some anabolics man dosage is too much for them
  2. Ampoules include 1ml minimum (actually 1mg/ml is the most popular amoules filling measurement). It can not be closed after ampoule is opened so the dosage you are going to use is to be exactly 1ml (or less, but you just waiste some part of the product not used. We do not recommend to keep ampoules opened even in refreegerator)


  1. Choose the brand by popularity, price, name or country . Our real steroids inventory list is quite impressive and not all steroids shop can offer you so many options of different testosterone brands that that we list for sale. Legal steroids brands that we offer differ by brands (and by price, off cource). Manufacturers represent countries like USA (Watson), Alpha Pharma (India), Balcan Pharmaceuticals (European Union), and so on. Our prices for testosterone vary from $5-10 per ampoule and $50-80 per 10ml vials. So as you can see 10 ampoules are equal to 1 10ml vial in strength and quantity.
  2. Depending on results that you wish to get after your purchase you may need to choose the qantity of steroids that you need to add to your shopping cart. If you wish just to test this or that brand it’s enough to buy 1 package of 10 ampoules or 1 vial. But if you are planning to use steroids in cycles you may need to increase the number of boxes or vials.


Payment by credit card or Paypal


After you know exactly how much, what brand, how many in quantity you need you may pay for your purchase using credit card or Paypal. These options are going to chosen after you complete your shopping and shipping address is to be chosen. We specialize in descrete shipping of steroids to USA and UK so you do not need to be worried when you decide to buy Dianabol or any other steroids legally and get it delivered to your address without any problem.