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Agovirin Depot is an injectable steroid that contains the naturally produced hormone testosterone izobutyrate.

Category: Injectable steroids
Substance: testosterone izobutyrate
Package: 50 mg/ml (10 ml) (5 amp.)



Agovirin Depot

Let us first investigate the history behind Agovirin Depot, and its motivation, so we can comprehend the foundation. The injectable testosterone isobutyrate in microcrystal suspension structure originally came around in the mid 1950’s. It should be an injectable type of testosterone that would be more slow acting than suspension or propionate, the two of which were exceptionally mainstream at that point.

Sadly, once the enanthate ester came around quite a while later, this thought got out of date, as the “E” ester turned into the prevailing type of testosterone.

Today, Testosterone isobutyrate (Agovirin Depot) is made by Biotika in Eastern Europe. It is essentially used to treat low androgen guys, paleness, Cushings disorder, and a few other ailments, incorporating young people with postponed adolescence.

Since we comprehend the history, we can talk about what makes this compound so fascinating. The Isobutyrate ester of this type of testosterone arrives in a water base, much the same as the suspension. Despite the fact that both are water based, they are distinctive in their activity mode. For example, the suspension is extremely quick acting and brief, so it requires day by day infusions. In the mean time, Testosterone isobutyrate has a much more slow discharge rate, and just requires an infusion each 1-2 weeks.

Side Effects

Testosterone isobutyrate has indistinguishable symptoms from some other testosterone structure. The primary symptom that must be tended to is the aromatization into estrogen, which can be neutralized with an aromatase inhibitor (AI). Something else, such reactions as gynecomastia, water stored in body, swelling and the domino of symptoms, for example, a sleeping disorder and hypertension will happen.

Besides, there are the ordinary reactions related with any androgen hormone. For instance, forcefulness, drive changes, and lipid strain are for the most part conceivable. To help with this, we suggest you utilize a help supplement, for example, N2Guard.

Lastly, much the same as with any anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS), you will shutdown exogenous hormones, implying that your pituitary organs will never again create testosterone all alone. This is the reason it is basic to run a legitimate post cycle treatment (PCT) subsequent to closure the testosterone run.