Halotestin Tablets for sale online


Halotestin is manufactured by Genesis pharmaceuticals. Each tablet of halotestin contains 5 mg of the substance fluoxymesterone.

Manufacturer: GENESIS
Category: Oral steroids
Substance: fluoxymesterone
Package: 5 mg/tab. (50 tab.)


Halotestin Tablets

Halotestin is an oral steroid which was presented available by Upjohn Company in 1957. Its fluoxymesterone substance is forerunner of methyltestosterone which, through changes in the concoction structure, was made significantly more androgenic than testosterone. The anabolic segment of Halotestin is just marginally articulated. In light of its qualities Halotestin is utilized predominantly when the competitor is progressively intrigued by a quality develop instead of in a muscle gain. Powerlifters and weightlifters who must remain inside a specific weight class frequently use Halotestin in light of the fact that they are principally keen on a quality put on without including body weight. In lifting weights this medication is solely taken during groundwork for an opposition. Since the substance is firmly androgenic while simultaneously aromatizing inadequately, Halotestin enables the competitor to acquire a raised androgen level while keeping the estrogen fixation low. With a low muscle to fat ratio content the steroid gives the jock a particular muscle hardness and sharpness. Despite the fact that the muscle breadth doesn’t expand, it shows up increasingly gigantic since the muscle thickness is improved. The way that day by day dose of up to 20 mg doesn’t cause water and salt maintenance makes it significantly increasingly alluring. During an eating regimen, it enables the competitor to overcome troublesome, extreme preparing while at the same time expanding the forcefulness of numerous clients. This is another motivation behind why it is so well known among power lifters, weightlifters, football players, and, specifically, fighters.


The recommended dosage is 20 to 40 mg a day. Mostly bodybuilders are happy with that dose and have experienced good results in short period of time.

Side Effects

Common side effects of Halotestin include acne, nasal bleeding, headaches, gastrointestinal pain, and stress on liver. If you feel any of the following side effects, stop using the tablet immediately and consult your doctor.