Shipping Steroids

We do our very best to process, pack and ship your order within 48 to 72 hours of cleared payment. We ship very discreetly and For your safety and ours,we have developed what we believe is the very best possible international postage technique! For your safety and ours, we have a very descrete method of shipping We don’t just run down to the local post office. Please do not send emails asking if the order shipped or when it will ship. It will go out within 48 to 72 hours of cleared payment, your account will update to Processing / Shipping. Our Shipping technique is very carefully designed and has been fine tuned for successful delivery.

In order to assure as much as possible our customers privacy and security, all packages are shipped with maximal discretion. After the products are removed from their original boxes they are repacked with extreme care and precaution, in order to minimize the shipment volume and to assure their integrity. As a result the package has the optimal size and contains no information on organizations name or content of the box.

We send Registered Airmail to the U.S.A, This is the very best postage method in regard to delivery success, A reciever signature is required for Registered Airmail, Our shipping technique in regard to the U.S is very descrete, Price for Registered Airmail is $35 There are reasons for this cost being a little high let’s just say that your order is packaged in order to avoid customs (Open box inspection), So its not suspicious or raise any red flags, This shipping price does include special packaging. Our shipping technique almost guarantees delivery success! We do not make money on shipping! The transit time is approximately 8 – 14 days to the U.S.A.

Option one is for the customer to request shipping unregistered airmail, the theory here is so as to have your purchase order sent to your address in a bogus name, This is ideal in one way (you are not tied to owning this package) though it does have your address on it.

This option is not recommended simply because it has a reasonable but inconsistent success rate, the reason for this reasonable but inconsistent success rate is that the way that most international customs operations work in regard to filtering incoming mail is a common sense approach IE. If a parcel has no signatory at either end then the owner may have something to hide, so then your parcel has a higher chance of being inspected (opened).

Option two is to request that your order be sent registered airmail, this shipping has outstanding success and in fact (in our strong belief does not incriminate you at any more than unregisted airmail, I know what you may say here, “but it has my name and address on it” and I signed for it!.